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Aug 22, 2010

The party you were trying to reach was DISCONNECTED

alguien llama

I just got back from vacation and now I am in the process of getting my connection to the world back on the hook. 

The kiddos and I went to .  Literally.  And with this trip I didn’t even tote the laptop with me.  I had the cell phone turned off most of the time we were there as well.  It was nice to just get away, to have fun, and completely disconnect from the rest of the world.  So I didn’t twitter, I didn’t check facebook and my emails piled up to about 700 messages in my personal gmail account alone.  I haven’t even looked at the office emails yet.  That will come Tuesday.

But for today I wanted to check back in, write a short blog, and see what I missed.  This is to let my friends and recent followers know that I am not ignoring your friend requests on facebook or your following alerts on Twitter.  No, it’s not that at all; I just didn’t see them until today.  I have only looked at or deleted 200 emails so far and with almost 500 more personal emails to sort through, some of your requests I haven’t even seen yet.

and his boys came down and met us while we were gone so we kept the kiddos busy with fun stuff to do everyday and playing in the water park every night at the resort where we stayed.  There are lots of photographs I want to share and there’s definitely more to say about the week of events.

But in the short version: Yes, we had a blast.  I wish I could say I missed twitter, the blog, and facebook, oh my.  But taking a week away, completely away, was definitely worth it. 

In case you haven’t done so for awhile… you need to pull the plug, get off the hook, and give it a try.

Find yourself…keeping it real.

Photo Credit: PhotoXpress.com (Juan David Ferrando)
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