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Jun 22, 2009

The Joy of Wellness and Energy

I cannot express in words how good it feels to just feel better and 'like myself' again.  Not to bore you with all the details of the last four weeks, but if you have followed my blog you know after coming off the prednisone for the rash that I got sick with a bad sore throat.  After trying to get over that - I was still coughing and dragging, but appearing to get better when Jas came down with strep.  Afraid, if I didn't already have strep - I might get it from him, I asked my doc for an antibiotic, but he put me on something I had never tried (instead of the one I asked for because I knew my body could handle it.)

So while on the antibiotic I continued to get weaker, and became winded with every little task I tried to do... but kept pressing on.  As a mom - it's hard to find time to just 'stop.'

Thursday night last week, though, I felt so bad, so weak, and so out of breath, it scared me. Seriously, I was worried.  I was desperately asking my sister and other friends to pray for me.  I started thinking there might be something truly wrong with me.  And with this I had to take time out and missed a half day of work on Friday to try to muster enough energy to take a shower and get out of the house by lunch time to get in a few hours of work before going to the doctor.

Friday I went to the doctor and went through my story, explaining either something is seriously wrong with me or I am having a reaction to this antibiotic, which I had stopped taking as of that Thursday because I was concerned how it was making me feel.  They took blood to run some labs -basic labs and that's all that they could tell me.

Now after being off that antibiotic for three going on four days.... I feel so much better.... so much more like myself.... I am so grateful.  I didn't realize just how badly I felt till I started to feeling better over the last couple days.

But I am now back, energized and ready to tackle more house projects.

Mr. M. and I even moved furniture yesterday as I got the urge to change some rooms around and reorganize some more "stuff" I needed to go through.  So we were quite the busy little bees - and it felt great! Now that I am back to my old self and planning more projects... I am sure he may not be as pleased as I am that I have all this energy once again!

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