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Aug 27, 2009

The rest of Our weekend

After our adventures downtown on Friday afternoon and evening…. we decided it was time to have dinner at my house.  Before the photo sessions we had managed to go to the grocery store and stock up on what we would make at my house to eat for the weekend… we are both watching our budgets closely these days (remember I do have braces and more ‘stuff’ to pay for very soon).

So that night we were going to make pizzas from ham and pineapple on pita bread… but we ended up eating the fresh sushi we bought that day instead and decided – pizzas would be for another meal that weekend.

The Phone Call

During dinner, Mr. M. got a call .  His mom had decided to take the boys to a water park that day – so he would have to miss.  I couldn’t help but smile.  After this Mr. M. called the other coach to say he wouldn’t be there.  And I want all my readers to know – and be proud – I told Mr. M. to go anyway… that I was perfectly alright with missing those hours with him on Saturday.  We hadn’t made any plans since he was going to be at the practice that morning anyway.  But he said, since his son couldn’t be there, he wanted to spend that time with me.

image Then we watched a movie we picked up on the clearance rack – In The Name of The King.  Our dating life can sound boring, I know… but we like kicking back, chilling and watching a movie together.


Saturday image

And Saturday proved to be more of the same… kicking back, relaxing, watching TV and then we ended up seeing a movie “District 9” at the theater nearby that afternoon (the matinee, of course).


Sunday morning, Mr. M. went to church with me, which was a real treat.  I wanted him to know that meant a lot to me … to have him there and experience being with me in my element. 

Kiddos Return

The kiddos made it back home later that afternoon… and then all was back to it’s normal chaos… with Kass and Jas annoying each other and a friend of theirs flocking with them in and out the door…. ah… it was just that… back to normal.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: IMDB: In The Name of The King and http://www.behindthehype.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/district-9-trailer.jpg


Laura said...

Weekends chilling are the perfect kind :) If I could choose I would have that exact weekend!!

Did you enjoy District 9 - it is a South African movie and is apparently good! LOL its not out here yet tho!!

Katherine said...

I did enjoy District 9. It was quite gory though - so prepare yourself....

But it had an interesting plot... some simulation politically that makes you think and "different" all at the same time.

I heard it has done well so far.

And yes... chillin weekends are the bomb!

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