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Mar 24, 2010

A Life Lesson from LOST

Another Mom and Son Moment

“But what if the man in black is NOT the devil?”

My son asked this question as he went on to discuss Tuesday night’s episode of .  He thinks it’s all going to be revealed as the reverse of what we have been led to believe at the end of the series.  He thinks the man in black is really the good guy and that Jacob represented the devil and so on… and that getting off the island for non-Locke(man in black) is a GOOD thing.

I don’t agree.  I think it is still Jacob (good) vs. man in black (smoke) non-Locke and I told Jas I choose to believe that if they allow Locke to get off the island, that Hell will be released as indicated by the bottle of wine comparison in Tuesday’s episode. 

Like I told him, it’s all about choices.  The whole show.  (Well that and redemption.) My choice is to believe in Jacob.  Jas just thinks Jacob is deceiving us all.

The Life Lesson

But this brought me to a great Life Lesson for Jas.  In talking about the possibility of the deceit between these characters in the show, , I asked Jas.  “Do you know how people – the ones trained – know how to detect counterfeit money?”

Jas said, “They study the different kinds.”

“Nope,” I said. “They study the real thing and know it so well, backwards and forwards and every detail about it; so that when someone tries to slip in a counterfeit that is really close to the real thing- but isn’t, they know it.”

Then I said, “You already know…Jesus is the real deal.”

“This show is a reminder that it’s important to know the real deal (Him)– and know what He stood for, know it so well, that when someone tries to tell you something about Him (or about going to heaven) that is ‘close’ but not the real deal, you’ll know it.”

Ok, was that a good ‘mom and son’ life lesson sharing together inspiring moment, or what?

He started talking about again, but I think he got the point.

Find yourself… keeping it real.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia
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