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May 7, 2010

Have you been seeing someone else?

Well have you? That’s what I expected to hear today when I made a phone call.

It was the phone call to my hair stylist.  I haven’t been to see her in probably over nine months.  I had to “refine” my budget when Kassity got her , and that was one thing I could eliminate from the monthly or bi-monthly expenses.  Yes, my plan was to have my hair professionally done (instead of using the little boxes off the shelf and my own trimming shears) back during .  But all I can say is where does the time, go? Seriously, March came and went and I missed any opportunity to get my hair professionally done as well as many of the things I had planned to do – just for me.

But my hairstylist, Veronica, didn’t even flinch; she didn’t even skip a beat when she heard my voice.  She really knows how to keep a relationship, don’t you think?  And then I asked if she could ‘work me in’ because I was hoping she could do my color and cut this weekend.  Not only did she work me in, but I went the same day (today, Friday) after work and got everything done –no questions asked!

You know how can be, but not this one.  Ah, all is well and I explained to her all about Kassity’s braces and that my tight budget was the reason I hadn’t been to see her in a while (all without being asked).

So that was my for the weekend:  a new hairstyle.

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