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Sep 4, 2009

Brand New School, Stages, and Cheerleaders, OH My


I sat in the brand spanking new auditorium/amphitheater amongst freshmen students and a few parents scattered here and there Thursday for the freshmen orientation.  Jas will be starting high school Tuesday, and he is a part of history as his is the first class to start in the brand new school that was just built and opened for the first time this school year.  It had been my high school back in the day… but now with all the classes, theaters, credit union branch, and cafeteria inside the new building it was a totally new world.

The drum line started the orientation with a presentation on stage that was quite impressive followed by cheerleaders… doing their thing – their bouncy, flouncy, jiggy with it, thing.  Yes I know I am officially a mom… and officially a mom of a son when I found myself wanting to run up on stage and share with one of those girls what a support bra was.  I found it difficult not to stare at her with the fitted white tee … while she bounced (literally) all over the stage.  Why would they put her on the front row when there were four rows of girls up there dancing and doing routines?  I mean they were all in fitted tees and skinny jeans, but she had the “bouncing” going o-v-e-r-board.

Ok, I digress….

Otherwise, the day went great.  Jas has most of his classes with the other three Governor School students that were accepted from his middle school.  That day I experienced it with him as his shadow… going to all the classes he will have at the high school before transporting over to G.S. for the rest of the day.  It was chaos and the new building is well laid out and absolutely awesome  but it’s about a fourth of a mile from the front lobby over to the freshmen wing… so we did a lot of walking.

I let my mind wander and I began to worry about all the things my fourteen year old will have to face with growing up, starting high school, and all the temptations that come with boys and their teenage years.  But I also reminded myself… I have , I have tried to instill in him a foundation of faith and morals as well as for those over him.  And I have an open door of communication that he knows is there and we use it when we can with each other.  (I like to know what he’s thinking.)  Now I guess… the rest is up to him.  Yes I plan to still be there to encourage him and remind him of the very things I have taught him… but in many ways… I have to let go now…. a little more…. for this next stage of his life. 

But it’s so hard.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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Amy said...

supportive bras - or LACK thereof - is one of my pet peeves....I must be old too!

Amy said...

supportive bras - or LACK thereof - is one of my pet peeves....I must be old too!

Vered - Blogger for Hire said...

I worry a lot about my kids too. I guess we all do.

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